Sunday, July 29, 2007

This and that

While I am staying at my parents' house, I have limited access to the internets, and I don't want to lose my job for posting in a blog while I am work, so I sneak in some blogging when I can at my friend's house. I don't even know what to mention now; so much has happened since I posted last.

Last week we (Jodi, Heather, Ben and Ann, and my parents) drove to Jodi's parents' house in Arkansas for a shopping weekend/welcome Ben home kind of ordeal. In that time I also picked up my future brother-in-law and met my future mother-in-law.

Jodi's family warned me about my MIL before I met her. I have a tendency to form opinions based on what people tell me right away, but this time I was careful and decided to wait until I met her for myself. She's very very different from them, and sometimes people see that as a bad thing, but she seemed like a pretty cool woman to me. I am hoping to spend more time with her as Mat and I get ready for the wedding, but you never know.

So! I spent the majority of the weekend with my future brother-in-law, Monroe, who took it upon himself to be Mat's stand-in. I stayed up almost all night Friday night with Mon talking about God knows what, and it was like talking to Mat all over again, which made me miss Mat a million times more, but I'll get over it. I got about three hours of sleep the entire weekend because once everyone went to bed, Mon and I went out onto the back deck and hung out. He opened up to me, and he was kind to me, and ... I don't know. Everyone made that seem like it was a BIG! ORDEAL! that he didn't hang out on the computer all weekend, but instead he socialized. I don't see anything different about it at all - most people are at ease with me.

I am so freaking tired and nothing I am saying is witty or funny, so I am just dumping out everything I can think of at this minute.

I am three weeks away from seeing Mat. Actually, if you want to get all technical-like, I am 20 days away from seeing him (almost 19). I am practically vibrating with excitement, and I don't know how crazy I am going to be the next few weeks. I want them to fly by and then slow the hell down once I get there. I have never been more eager to kiss someone than I am to kiss Mat right now.

In other news, my friend Jodi's husband might be going overseas, which is really sad.

Bed time!


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